Use Hydro Vacuum Excavation For Underground Plumbing

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Hydro Vacuum Excavation is a technique for removing soil and other debris from around an object that needs to be worked on.  For plumbing purposes, it is often utilized for replacing or repairing pipes that are underground.

Imagine a huge vacuum cleaner mounted onto the back of a large truck.  A vacuum excavator is a similar concept.  It’s on the back of construction vehicle and has a large hose, up to a foot in diameter, meant for sucking up dirt or other debris.  Sometimes, the hose end is jagged to help with excavation and the vacuum itself can have a suction strength up to a hundred metres per second.  Around the end of the hose is usually a collar that has handles on it for the crew to hold.  Oftentimes, the collar can be rotated to release suction on an object that the excavator has picked up that is too large for the intake hose.

The excavation truck is also equipped with a high pressure water tank.  Soil is loosened with high pressure jets of water and then vacuumed up.  This process defines hydro vacuum extraction.  When maintenance must be done on underground pipes, this method is preferred because it neater, safer for the plumbers and more efficient over all.  It keeps the work area neat, eliminates the difficult process of digging with shovels and protects underground power lines and the surrounding plumbing from damage.

This process has become a preferred method for excavation by most construction crews and chances are good that you’ve seen this in action around the city.  Knowing that this is an option is sure to make whatever repair job you need done seem a less daunting task.  Hydro vacuum extraction is a powerful tool in the hands of any professional.  Don’t attempt to do this yourself, however.  A shop vac and your pressure washer are not equipped to handle a job of this magnitude.  Hiring trained plumbers is the wise way of dealing with any excavation needs that come up with regards to your underground pipes.

Merrylands Plumbing makes sure that their plumbers are trained in the use of hydro vacuum excavation techniques.  These skilled plumbers can fix or replace underground plumbing without creating a huge mess and in an efficient manner.  Clean up afterwards is much less of a headache because of this and the cost of fixing damages wiring or other plumbing is non-existent.  

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Use Hydro Vacuum Excavation For Underground Plumbing

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Use Hydro Vacuum Excavation For Underground Plumbing

This article was published on 2011/06/25